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Fish Finder

Wasting hours looking for the best fishing spot? This Fish Finder is what you need.


What gives that 'lucky' 10 percent of fishermen an edge over everyone else? This fish finder!

If you can predict where fish might be, your chances of catching them dramatically improve.

Fishes and bottom contour readout.

This portable fish finder detects and displays water depth, approximate fish location, short & tall weeds, sand & rocks on the bottom. Fish finder portable design gives you another option to hang it around the neck.

fish finder

The boat depth finder suits for variety fishes fishing environments.

It can be used for offshore fishing, kayak fishing, icefishing, lake fishing, sea fishing and so on. You can also use it on the moving kayak with speed below 5 mph.


Toss the sensor and float into the water.
Attach the Side-Scan Adapter to the boat hull using the mounting tabs.
Attach the sensor to a handle, lower the sensor into the water.

Depth Readout.

The portable fish finder detector range is in a 45°cone underwater. The detection of depth range is from 3ft(1m) to 328ft (100m) below the sonar sensor. The water depth can be shown either in feet or meter. The transducer is with 25 ft cable and removable transducer float.


Small portable fish finder with powerful functions.

5 modes sensitivity options; battery save mode; back light mode; fish and fish school alarm.

Normally fishing depth finder supports 4-5 hours continuous working with brand new batteries. Open battery save mode can be working even longer.


    Suitable for boat fishing, ice fishing, shore/pier fishing and night fishing.


      If you would like to check the area for depth or fish before cutting the hole, please clear away snow to expose the ice surface. The ice must be clear, free from air bubbles, voids, cracks, etc. Place a small amount of liquid water on the ice and set the transducer on the water, allowing the unit to freeze to the ice. Cut a hole through the ice and place the transducer directly in the water.


      1. Toss the transducer and float into the water off the boat side.

      2. Attach the side-scan adapter to the boat hull, and attach the transducer to the adapter.

      3. Attach the transducer to a handle, lower the transducer into the water.


      1. Place the transducer and float in your hand, and toss underhand.

      2. Use a pole to guide the transducer to a desirable position.

      3. Add a float kit on the cable to allow the cable to float on top of the water.

      4. Neatly wind up the excess cable.


    • It will turn off automatically if the depth display reads "---" continuously for 5 minutes.
    • The transmitter is waterproof, but the receiver (unit with screen) is not waterproof, so please do not submerge or spray the fish finder screen with water.
    • It can not be used to detect bait fish(motionless) or fish that is smaller than 10cm.
    • When use this fish finder on moving boat, please make sure the moving speed is slowly (lower than 5 mph).
    • The product can only show you where the fish are. It can not show you how big the fish are, but you could adjust the Sensitivity setting. When the Sensitivity is high, it will show you both big fish and small fish; when low, it will only show you the big fish.
    • Extremely cold weather will impact the performance of the product. It is suggested that you keep the unit in temperatures above 0 degrees during operation.
    • Strong waves, suspended matter and muddy water,will affect the performance.